Combining neuroscience with AI
Create the change you want simply by changing the way you think
HABITat combines the latest in neuroscience with artificial intelligence for an easy way to lose weight, quit smoking or cut back on alcohol.

And because your coach lives in the cloud - it keeps getting smarter.

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  1. Available 24x7
    Your coach never sleeps and is always ready to serve. Get help in critical moments or tap into expert advice whenever and wherever you need it. And your coach doesn't charge by the hour, in fact its totally free.
  2. Chat with your coach
    Chat from the HABITat app or Facebook Messenger and personalise your coach so that it speaks true for you. Losing weight, or giving up alcohol or smoking is easy the moment your perception shifts and you see past benefits were illusions.
  3. Your coach is AI
    Your coach applies the latest research in AI and neuroscience to transformational change enabling your brain to rewire itself for success. And with Machine Learning your coach keeps getting smarter.

​​Success in life is 80% mental and only 20% mechanics which is why HABITat trains your mind so that you can achieve your goal without it feeling like an incredible sacrifice.