Combining neuroscience with AI
Create the change you want by changing the way you think

Success is 80% mental and 20% mechanics
which is why 92% of people fail to achieve their goals.

By focusing on the diet or the exercise (i.e the mechanics) leaves only willpower in your Moment of Truth when your motivation fades, which is 100% gauranteed to fail in the long term.

Enkr8ia has developed a revolutionary approach to conquer cravings and build awesome new habits. No irrisistable desire, no willpower, no problem. 

Join the 8% that accomplish their goals by changing how you think, freeing you to change what you do.

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HABITat is an easy way to lose weight, quit smoking or stop drinking by combining the latest in neuroscience with artificial intelligence.

And because your coach lives in the cloud - it keeps getting smarter.

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