Live your life by design, not by default

​​Your life coach will transform who you are so that you can change what you doand because your coach lives in the cloud it keeps getting smarter.

What's your goal?
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  1. Available 24x7
    Your coach never sleeps and is always ready to serve. Get support or tap into expert advice whenever and wherever you need it. And it doesn't charge by the hour, in fact its totally free.
  2. Chat with your coach
    IM your coach from the app or Facebook Messenger. Your coach uses mindfulness and liminal thinking to reframe your beliefs opening you up to the power of habits to change your behaviours.
  3. Your coach is AI
    You will often forget that your coach is a robot. And because your bot lives in the cloud, with Machine Learning it keeps getting smarter.

HABITat is an intelligent personal change system designed for life's important changes.  The ones that you put off when the prospect of success feels like an incredible sacrifice.

The awesome truth is that a change in beliefs combined with new behaviors will transform your life without you feeling deprived or relying on willpower.

For you to Change you'll need to Change your mind
HABITat will rid you of the notion that achieving your goal requires a lifetime of self denial.  Tailor HABITat to your goal so that your AI (artificial intelligence) life coach is like having a guardian angel in your pocket.
Wanting to change is not enough. Years of unconscious conditioning and cultural expectations have formed beliefs that hold you back even though you've made a conscious decision to change - mindfulness and  liminal thinking works on your subconscious to reframe your beliefs, aligning your unconscious mind with your conscious intent.

With wisdom comes empowerment. Once your perspective towards your goal shifts, cravings or feelings of denial disappear and you can get on with building new habits to sustain you for the long term.