Life's important personal changes shouldn't make you feel deprived.
Be Empowered.

HABITat is simply a smarter way to achieve your lifestyle goal; 
weight loss without dieting,
redefine your relationship with alcohol, 
or quit smoking.
What's your goal?
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For you to Change you'll need to Change your mind
HABITat will rid you of the notion that achieving your goal requires a lifetime of self denial.  HABITat is an app with a chatbot that becomes your expert guide for your change journey.
Wanting to change is not enough.  Your unconscious beliefs are stopping you even though you've made a conscious decision to change - liminal thinking works on your psyche to reframe your beliefs, aligning your unconscious mind with your conscious intent.

With insight comes empowerment. Once your perspective towards your goal shifts, cravings or feelings of denial disappear and you can get on with building new habits to sustain you for the long term.

HABITat is the personal change system designed for life's important changes.  The ones that you put off when the prospect of success feels like an incredible sacrifice.

The awesome truth is that a different perspective can transform your life without relying on willpower or feeling deprived.