Our gift to you is the flash of insight that changes your perspective, freeing you from fear and cravings, so that you can get on with the process of achieving your goal.

Chat with our AI life coach on Messenger or download the free app for an intelligent way to achieve your goal, and because HABITat is built in the cloud it keeps getting smarter.

  1. Lose weight
    Diets fail because they rely on willpower. You can change your diet and your lifestyle for longer term success without feeling deprived.
  2. Quit Smoking
    Quitting doesn't require superhuman willpower nor a lifetime of self-denial! We'll show you there is nothing to “give up” because the benefits of smoking are an illusion.
  3. Become a non-drinker
    You will feel in control and empowered to make conscious choices about the role of alcohol in your life. Being a non-drinker doesn't need to be an incredible sacrifice.

What is habitat?

HABITat is an intelligent personal change system designed for life's important changes. The ones that you put off because you have either failed in the past or the prospect of success feels like an incredible sacrifice. HABITat's AI life coach will become your inner guide on your change journey.

HABITat creates change by shaping and reframing your beliefs using mindfulness and liminal thinking - changing your perspective allows your subconscious to change. The moment your conscious and subconscious minds are in synch then change becomes possible - without desire, temptation or cravings.

The awesome truth is that HABITat can transform your life without relying on willpower or ever feeling like you are missing out. You are in control and empowered to achieve your goal.

Empower not Willpower

For any lasting change you can’t rely on willpower alone. You will need the beliefs, skills, and a clear purpose to build new behaviors that will become the habits to serve you for the long term.  With enlightenment comes empowerment for you to move forward without doubts or feeling deprived.

Personal change needn't be hard

Successful change requires both a goal a system to make it a reality .​ Setting a goal is only the beginning...when your goal requires you to "give up" something you value or crave you will first need to modify your unconcious beliefs allowing you to build the behaviours you need to be successful. No meditation, no willpower and never feeling deprived.