AI empowering you

Personal change is hard which is why HABITat provides you a personalized bot to accompany you on your journey. Your coach is like an inner guide that speaks what is true for you, that is always there to encourage you when you are doing well, support you if you are losing motivation or challenge you if you are falling behind in your practice.  Your inner coach can also advise you about building good habits or simply guide how to best use the app.
Using HABITat provides an assurance that you will achieve your objectives if you are truly committed to personal change. You begin by capturing your personal goals, defining the type of person you want to be, and committing to the specific behaviors you want to build as habits to achieve these goals. The clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you are to stick to new habits.  Then it is a matter of showing up daily with both positive intent and minimum effort, being patient, and experiencing the power of habits.
While personal change is hard - the mechanics of change is less complicated. Change needs to come from deep within and aligned to your purpose and your sense of identity. It also needs to be combined with consistent action - timely feedback is important to keep you in the zone which is why HABITat tracks and measures progress against your goals.  Motivation is what gets your started but HABITat keeps you going by monitoring progress and providing you a guide for advice and accountability-because you do better when someone is watching.

Your personalised inner guide that speaks true for you​ 

Someone you ​admire 

Be  creative

Your future-you