In power of Self

Personal growth needs a goal and a system for change.

Imagine life as the skipper of a yatch;
your goal is the rudder setting the direction,
and the the sails are the system driving you forward.

In power of
enkr8ia has a BIG dream - empowering you to gain control over your life with awesome technology.  Personal change is hard which is why getting a life coach will be critical to your success.  

If you have failed in the past or the thought of change fills you with dread it doesn't mean you're weak or lacking willpower. When you're deeply committed to change then you simply need the right skills, beliefs and behaviours to enable success.

Any goal is just wishful thinking without a plan to bring it to life.  While this may seem obvious many people leave achieving their goal to chance, a plan ensures you identify the actions you need. Better still, having a system for success allows you to repeat the process again for future goals. Over time your changed perspective and actions will become embedded as habits and routines - your new lifestyle.

Liminal Thinking  combined with conscious awareness will align your unconscious beliefs with your conscious choice.  You experience any disconnect as emotions - craving, doubt, or fear- which limits your capacity to change. HABITat creates change by targeting cravings and reframing limiting beliefs through the conscious exploration and acceptance of new ideas to influence the unconscious mind. With a new perspective you can experience spontaneous change, without craving or feeling deprived. For example, there is nothing pleasurable about smoking.  The truth is nicotine is an addictive drug and the illusion of pleasure is relief from your craving when lighting up. When you are open to a different perspective and believe it, deeply, then you are ready to quit without craving.
HABITat is like an AI life-coach committed to you achieving your goals and ambitions.  An expert guide to reframe limiting beliefs that are holding you back, that is always with you and available whenever and wherever you need support or encouragement and where appropriate, to challenge you.

Source: Simon Sinek
Start with why

Always start with Why

Begin with a deep commitment to why your goal is important to you. At the threshold of change only you can take that step and deeply commit.  
Just say YES! 

Then do what you have committed to do, everyday, and engage the power of habits. Behaviors are Beliefs in action - when repeated daily, new behaviors will become new habits and you will have achieved your goal.

Your coach shows you how to succeed by avoiding the willpower trap. Buddy-up with your personal AI life coach to open your mind and challenge the beliefs that cause you to get stuck. Keeping score keeps you focused on the daily routine. Start small and build as you gain confidence with your new lifestyle; 1 week, 10 days, 1 month, 66 days, 1 year, lifestyle ...   
Photo source: Alin Meceanu