Frequently asked questions

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    What is HABITat?


    HABITat is an app that enables people to achieve their goals with the help of an AI chatbot that knows just about everything there is to know about personal change. The app let’s a user capture their goals and personalise their coach with an avatar and nickname so that guidance becomes meaningful to them . Keeping track every day lets you keep score and monitor your progress, and lets the coach prompt you when they need a little motivation. The coach will also remind you if you fall behind by email or Notification. Any personal goal is more likely to be achieved when a user possesses the skills, behaviors and sense of identity needed to be successful in personal change. HABITat does this by amplifying the ancient power of habits with AI
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    What do I do?


    Download the app from either the AppStore or Google Play and then you will need to register as a new user using a valid email address. Then open the app and begin the setup process as directed by your coach.
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    How do I start?


    After installing and registering the app you will need to add some basic information before you begin. Your coach can also guide you if you ask for help. Setup information is available by clicking the side menu. Use "My info" to tailor the chatbot with your own avatar and nickname. Use "Purpose" to define your goal, the identity of the person you want to become and any bright line rules that will guide you. Then add the new behaviors you want to become habits. You will then need to checkin each and everyday to record your progress against these habits. Tick(hit) for success, cross(miss) or tap&hold(skip) if you want to skip a day or if the new behaviour is not practices every day.
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    Where do I get help?


    Simply ask you coach for help when chatting in the app and you will be guided through suggested topics. These topics will be highlight in bold. For technical support please send an email to the support team using email support button below..
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