Who we are:
enkr8ia is a Melbourne based tech startup discovering how artificial intelligence (AI) can  empower people to achieve their potential. Our name is derived from the ancient Greek word enkrateia |eng-krat-i-ah | noun | In power of self.

Our mission of empowering people to gain control of their life is based upon two strongly held beliefs;
(i) Lasting change is possible only when it comes from deep within - however many of us are limited by unconscious beliefs and lack the skills, behaviors and sense of identity needed to be successful, and
(ii) Technology is now embedded into our everyday existence.  So much so that it has become an extension of what we do.  With cognitive computing (AI) our personal devices can become an extension of who we are.

Our values:
Our team are guided by the values of;
  • dedication to your personal success and achievement of ambitions and goals
  • trust and integrity in everything we do
  • Innovation, that matters, for you​
"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."