When I give into temptation, I feel guilty.  When I resist, I feel deprived.  Sound familiar?

​​Diet's fail because they rely on willpower -  when Empowered the right choice is easy.

​​​​Let our AI expert be your guide. Chat with your bot on Facebook Messenger now or download the app, its new and its free.

What is habi t at ?

Empower not Willpower

HABITat is an app with a bot that combines the timeless power of habits with artificial intelligence to significantly increase your chance of success. Set a goal and the new behaviors to achieve it then get ready to be coached by your personalised AI chatbot that knows just about everything there is to know about personal change.  

If you truly want to lose weight then the only expert you need is actually you (with a little bit of help from us).  At enkr8ia we know that all lasting change comes from within which is why we have created an app with an AI coach that will join you on your journey from setting your goal through to nailing it.  
When trying to lose weight you can’t rely on willpower alone. You will need the skills, a certainty of purpose and sense of identity to build new behaviors that will become the habits to serve you for the long term.  habitat can help you do this without the cravings or feeling deprived.