If you're tired of the same results then play a different game.

Life's metagame reveals simple strategy for success.

What if life had a game within a game, where the rules that transcended the rules played by everyone else.

What if playing this metagame changed the structure of reality in your favor, freeing you to achieve your goals and fulfil your potential.

What if you already had everything you need to play without needing any external help.

What temporary discomfort would you be willing to endure? Not because you want it or enjoy it but because it allows you to find your own Way.

Structure-Function. Get the structure right and function naturally follows.

Our pursuit of goals provides us with opportunities to experience the range of emotions that makes life deep and engaging and from which we find meaning and fulfilment.

Life creates the potential for meaning to exist inherently in all situations we face. Each moment, good and bad, provides an opportunity to seek understanding from which we can grow and find our own way.

Say your goal is to lose weight - it’s in the moments when you’re tested by cravings and challenged by your internal critic that you have a choice. These are “Critical Moments” when you face your moment of truth - when what you do says more than what your say, think or feel.

Blindly giving in to temptation provides no opportunity for growth. The associated feelings of blame, shame & self-justification are all red flags that you deviated from the truth.
The alternative is to be aware of your Cravings and your resulting Actions. Using them as opportunities to SEE the thoughts and feelings powering your desire and evaluate the outcome of the experience, however you chose.

All "doing" is a waste without Awareness.

Only genuinely seeking the truth can reveal the insights that change your perception, transforming your feelings of sacrifice into empowerment.

#metagame makes you anti-fragile.
Playing the #metagame makes you anti-fragile, which means you become stronger the more that life throws at you. Fragility is the norm, when having a bad day becomes a reason for giving in.

LIFE already knows how to make a body healthy. When you're open to experience the full range of thoughts and emotions and don't try to avoid or resist the difficult ones. Much like your immune system gets stronger through exposure to germs.

Another brick in the wall.
Your life’s meaning becomes the collection of each and every experience where the TRUTH's  potential was actualised into Reality. 

Like a wall, built brick by brick, where the structure depends on how sincerely you pursued the TRUTH in each moment presented to you. When you succeed in actualising its potential you do so once and for all. When you miss, its potential is lost forever.

It depends on how you Choose.


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