Life's metagame reveals a simple strategy for success

Life has a metagame with rules that transcend the normal rules that we play by — revealing a simple strategy for success.​​

Modern lives are often spent on a treadmill pursuing the material happiness that equates success to wealth, career progression and material possessions.

Whereas the objective of life’s MetaGame is simply to find the meaning hiding in life’s critical moments. By doing this we unlock our potential by ending our natural resistance to change. This changes the structure of reality in our favor.

#metagame is anti-fragile.
Life creates the potential for meaning to exist inherently in all situations we face. Each moment, good and bad, provides an opportunity to find meaning and convert its potential into reality.

The struggles we experience in pursuit of goals provide the best opportunities. When moving towards something we desire we experience the range of emotions that makes life deep and engaging and from which we find meaning and fulfilment.

If your goal is to lose weight, it’s the moments when you’re tested by cravings that the most potential exists to find meaning in your suffering. These are “Critical Moments” when you face your moment of truth .

In these moments life grants you a free option to choose between two futures. Giving-in to desire leaves you destined to repeat the suffering of the present OR make a rational choice to prioritise the future, and discover an inner strength you may not have realise existed.

The rational choice has unlimited upside because insights that change your perspective free you from resistance to change — unlocking your potential. With downside limited to more of the same. #metagame makes you Antifragile as you become stronger the more that life throws at you. Contrast this to our blind faith in “external” answers that have left us fragile and vulnerable to life inevitable shocks.


In power of
Success becomes an outcome rather than the purpose

Success is counter-intuitive because it’s not measured using external markers. Success comes through personal growth and transformation as you fulfill your potential, which then translates externally into material wealth. Goals remain important but their purpose is to provide the motivation to test yourself against the challenges of life — continually making you stronger in the face of uncertainty.
Playing for material happiness is a zero sum game, because often when you win another person must lose. The metagame is different — playing the metagame is between you and life which adds value to all of humanity when you win.

Another brick in the wall.

Over time, your life’s meaning becomes the collection of each situation where potential meaning was actualised into reality. This makes more sense than trying to understand the meaning of life as a whole. We create meaning from life like building a wall, brick by brick. Its size depends on how optimistically you saw the potential inherent in every moment presented to you. When you succeed in actualising the potential in that moment you do so once and for all. When you miss the opportunity then the potential is lost forever.
It depends on how you choose.